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My Little Pony

What Does the Future Hold?

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Ponies are a girl's best friend.

Welcome all Pony Lovers!

Feel free to use this community for any and all of your My Little Pony needs: rants, adoption notices, RPGing, polls, artwork, questions, etc.

Everyone is invited to be part of this community. Coming here is meant to be a positive, supportive escape, so please be considerate of the people around you.

This is a space that attracts a variety of kinds of pony enthusiasts, including:

people who just want to take a moment to remember and share the fun and imagination experienced around ponies

casual collectors who have recently obtained a special pony and want to show everyone

people interested in trading tips for customizing or restoring ponies

people who want to sell ponies

serious collectors who frequent this and many other message boards, exchanging the latest information on hasbro's releases and other information from the collecting internet community

People come to this community with a variety of expectations and use it in different ways. Please be respectful of each other and help each other maintain this fun space we can all enjoy. Also, keep in mind that this is a large community that generates a lot of activity.

The most important thing here is to celebrate our shared interest. We love ponies!


Special thanks go out to uhmanduh523 for the style sheet design and graphics.

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