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11th-Dec-2014 10:19 pm - Skydancer
birds, peaceful
I am still working on these, but cutting back to work on my Christmas horse picture for 2014.

23rd-Nov-2014 02:06 pm - Flutterbye!
birds, peaceful
I don't think the pony in this picture was as successful as past ones. I worked on this picture while I had a cold and ended up goofing up quite a few things, including her cutie mark. The lighting is a little inconsistent too. Flutterbye is an interesting cool orange, and it was a struggle to get the colour right, which resulted in her looking grainier than I wanted.

The picture is based on her back card story, where she meets some bees. The pink flowers are wild roses, Alberta's provincial flowers.

9th-Nov-2014 10:24 pm - Glory the Unicorn
birds, peaceful
Realized I forgot to share her here!

9th-Nov-2014 10:21 pm - Lemon Drop

2nd-Nov-2014 01:18 pm - Moondancer
birds, peaceful
I really wanted Moondancer as a kid, but I never had one. I came across one as an adult and didn't buy her :-D

11th-Oct-2014 07:11 am - Mimic & Friends
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Originally posted by calzephyr77 at Mimic & Friends
How dumb is it that the first thing I draw in months is a My Little Pony? :-D

29th-Jun-2014 10:10 pm - San Diego Comic Con exclusive
Originally posted by punkspacewafers at San Diego Comic Con exclusive
"Pony Confidential: The Mane-iac Mayhem pony and doll are the 2014 special edition collectibles available at San Diego Comic Con!"



Personally I'm not sure why they picked such a random, unmemorable character, but she still looks pretty cool.
I do love Spike though.
16th-Feb-2014 02:02 pm - Hasbro At Toy Fair 2014 Preview!
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Originally posted by kitty_advanced at Hasbro At Toy Fair 2014 Preview!
It's happening! And...there's not a lot of news on the brushables front. But here's what we got so far:

These rocker/semi-goth/emo/mega KISS fan variants. While a cool variant (and I'd pay decent money for Rarity in full on KISS get up because why not), it's a variant and not a new character in brushable form.

But we do have those.

PHOTO FINISH! (And a Through the Mirror Chrysalis, which is so unbelievably silly a concept it's downright amazing) and OCTAVIA!!!!!

Pretty excited about the latter (and I also need that Rainbow Rocks Rarity. Like three months ago).

But wait, because there's also this. I have stared at these for a long time trying to make sense on them and I got nothin'. I kinda like that "John 3:16 Rainbow Wig Sports Superfan Cosplay" AJ though.

Full set here. There's Transformers and Star Wars and other non-pony stuff if you wanna look.
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