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27th-May-2016 07:04 pm - MLP town tune for Animal Crossing
The residents of Burshire approve! My favourite resident version is a duck, who quacks the theme.

OMG!! This song rocks more!!

3rd-Mar-2016 09:43 pm - Neighthan Rot's personal paradise

Ponies!! Ponies!!! Ponies!!! :D :D :D

This song rocks!!

¿Do Equiestria girls fall into the "pony" category?
21st-Feb-2016 12:38 pm - I love Blind Bags!
20th-Jan-2016 07:29 pm - 2016 fan art calendar page
my little pony
I volunteered for a month in a MLP fan calendar being organized in the MLP Arena. It's available for $5 physical or as a PDF (not sure if the price is the same...rosierjay is organizing it). I just had to have October because it's my birth month, but I figured I also had to do a Halloween theme. Here Blossom, Twinkles the Cat and Brandy the Dog head on to a party at the Show Stable. Blossom is wearing the Best in the West pony wear package :-) 8.5x11" and made out of layers of paper, marker and PanPastel. I am always a little embarrassed by fan art, but hey...it was SUPER FUN to make :-)

MLP Fan Calendar - October 2016
by calzephyr on DeviantArt
6th-Dec-2015 06:30 am - Princess Luna and Spike
This has been in the works for a long time for a friend of mine. It felt so good to get it done and give it him last weekend!

Moonlight Skate with Princess Luna and Spike by calzephyr on DeviantArt
7th-Sep-2015 10:57 am - Princess Crazybrows
Something neat I found at the antique mall, but didn't buy. She was $10 as is and there's actually a big spot of pony cancer on the leg I'm holding. Apparently pony cancer can spread, so I really didn't want her around, sadly. To be honest, I thought she was a fakie, but she's actually called Princess Royal Purple and from year 9. The eyebrows were badly mashed and fuzzed up, so much so that again I thought it was something someone had glued on for fun. Too bad! According to the MLP Collector group on FB, she may have been a little overpriced for the condition. Click for larger!

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