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29th-Jun-2014 10:10 pm - San Diego Comic Con exclusive
Originally posted by punkspacewafers at San Diego Comic Con exclusive
"Pony Confidential: The Mane-iac Mayhem pony and doll are the 2014 special edition collectibles available at San Diego Comic Con!"



Personally I'm not sure why they picked such a random, unmemorable character, but she still looks pretty cool.
I do love Spike though.
16th-Feb-2014 02:02 pm - Hasbro At Toy Fair 2014 Preview!
birds, peaceful
Originally posted by kitty_advanced at Hasbro At Toy Fair 2014 Preview!
It's happening! And...there's not a lot of news on the brushables front. But here's what we got so far:

These rocker/semi-goth/emo/mega KISS fan variants. While a cool variant (and I'd pay decent money for Rarity in full on KISS get up because why not), it's a variant and not a new character in brushable form.

But we do have those.

PHOTO FINISH! (And a Through the Mirror Chrysalis, which is so unbelievably silly a concept it's downright amazing) and OCTAVIA!!!!!

Pretty excited about the latter (and I also need that Rainbow Rocks Rarity. Like three months ago).

But wait, because there's also this. I have stared at these for a long time trying to make sense on them and I got nothin'. I kinda like that "John 3:16 Rainbow Wig Sports Superfan Cosplay" AJ though.

Full set here. There's Transformers and Star Wars and other non-pony stuff if you wanna look.
19th-Jan-2014 08:09 am - Rainbow Power, Really?
my little pony
Does anyone else feel disappointed as a collector that Hasbro only seems to be releasing so few molds? I come from the model horse world where it's not uncommon to collect all the colour variations of one mold, but at the same time, a little variety in poses would be great. I know the margins on toys these days are pretty slim as children age out of toys faster, but would be fun to have a pony that just isn't standing around all the time!
12th-Jan-2014 01:33 pm - FIM Merch at Michael's
my little pony
Hi peeps, FIM merch is so few and far between I had to stop myself from buying everything in the loot bag aisle at Michael's here in Canada. They had pencils, markers, notebooks, tins, pencil top stampers and these cool giant erasers!

21st-Dec-2013 05:48 pm - FIM Merch at Claire's
my little pony
I popped into a Claire's store on a whim and found that they had a wee pit of FIM merch, with a couple of things that were not all for 5 year olds. I spotted nail stickers, a hair brush, necklaces (although I think making a charm out of a blind bag pony would be better quality!), BFF necklaces, little purses, a charm bracelet (with just FOUR ponies, ahem!), and lip gloss that had a swirl of hair on it. That was a bit weird! It seems when I post something with a link, it just goes into the mod queue, but there's more FIM stuff in the stores than shown on their website.
16th-Dec-2013 09:50 pm(no subject)
Hi. I need to thin out my herd of ponies, and I thought I would check and see if there are any ponies people in this community might be looking for first. I have some G1 and lots of G3 I'm interested in selling. If there are any ponies you are looking for, please let me know, and I'll go through them and see if I have them, then provide pictures and stuff. I have lots of positive feedback I can provide as well. Thanks!
my little pony
Hey peeps, there's an app for Android and iOS called Comixology where you can buy and download comics, sometimes for free. They have a 12 days of free Christmas comics and today's free comic features Twilight Sparkle :)
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